DOT Exams:

  • DOT exams are available for non-patients for a fee of $100
  • Please note- if any additional testing (such as EKG or Spirometry) is required, this will be at an additional cost. 
  • If a follow up visit is required, this will be an additional fee of $75 for the return visit.
  • Please have all appropriate documents and forms filled out in advance with you at the time of your DOT visit. 
  • Please have ALL documentation from specialists and/or the results of any tests which you may be required to have done based on DOT guidelines listed on their web site
  • There are new guidelines as of June 2014 which may require certain testing and/or clearance by medical specialists based on your history, specific diagnoses, or medications before you may be passed on DOT physical exam. 
  • If you have any recent past or current medical illness/diagnosis in the last 5 years including surgeries, hospitalizations OR you currently see a specialist, please review these links before scheduling your DOT exam or inquire when booking your exam if any special paperwork, clearance letters from specialists, or testing will be required
  • If you have any questions regarding your specific medical history and what may be required based on the guidelines in the link below, please inquire when booking your appointment to ensure you have all of the correct information ready to bring with you to your scheduled appointment

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